The Beginning of My Gastritis Journey

Hello! I am twenty-seven years old. I have been dealing with gastritis for around three years. When I turned twenty-one, I began to get severe stomach pains.

After a few years of these pains, I couldn’t take it anymore. When it all began, I went to see a doctor who told me to lose weight.

We all know and understand our bodies. We know when something is out of whack. I had gained weight. I was in college and not the healthiest. However, I know this wasn’t just weight related.

For years I just accepted that I needed to lose weight. Losing weight was quite tricky for me. I became discouraged. By this point, I had graduated and got my first full-time job.

Gastritis- turn of Events

This change included different health insurance. New health insurance meant another doctor. I was skeptical, but I needed to try something new as I was still having issues.

I went to this new doctor and explained what was going on and how I was feeling, and I took the opportunity to express my frustration.

I knew I was in the right place when she referred me to a gastroenterologist. This is a doctor who specializes in diseases and disorders that affect the digestive system.

After that appointment, I was scheduled for a colonoscopy and an endoscopy. These two tests involve a scope going up through my colon and down into my stomach. It allows doctors to see what is going on in the digestive system.

My faith grew. While these are not enjoyable tests, I went through them. When I woke up, a wave of relief overcame me. I had my gastritis diagnosis.

Moving Forward

I began altering my diet and eliminated all the food my doctor told me to eliminate. Three years later, I felt great! But of course, the pains came back a month before my retests.

That meant that my tests still showed that I had gastritis still. I wanted to start this blog to document my journey with gastritis. I also want people to know they aren’t alone.

I also created an Instagram account and Facebook page to post on a more daily basis. Please feel free to follow me.

Disclaimer: I talk about what works for me. I am working with my doctor, and you should follow your doctor’s recommendations for your case.

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