Chicken and Turkey Recipes

Two of the main types of proteins that we can have include chicken and turkey. These are all excellent options, but it could be more exciting along the line if that is all you can eat. It becomes boring for me, at least.

Many different recipes can make these two proteins more interesting. My ideas for what to make with turkey involve ground turkey. In America, we cook and eat a whole turkey on Thanksgiving, but that is not easy and affordable for a random weeknight after work.

Ground turkey can be used just like ground beef. I know it doesn’t taste the same, but anything you can have with ground beef, you can substitute it with ground turkey. For example, put it in burritos or tacos. In my opinion, the one bummer about burritos is no cheese or the use of dairy-free cheese. If you like dairy-free cheese, that is great!

Nachos can also be made with ground turkey. To make the chip portion of this dish better, bake tortillas cut into squares. You can then control the amount of salt and if you choose to use oil.


Chicken is another protein that is okay for us to eat. There are many ways to eat chicken. These include putting it in tacos, burritos, stir fry, or making chicken enchiladas.

Chicken has many options to make it different and exciting to eat. You could put it in soup on a cold, snowy night. It can also be thrown into a salad or on top of pasta. Sometimes I bake a piece of chicken in the oven with seasoning and then have rice and a vegetable on the side.

If you have other favorite chicken or turkey recipes, feel free to share them!
Remember, I am discussing what works for me, and I am working with a doctor for my gastritis. If you have questions, ask your doctor. Here is a list of the foods I can’t have.

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