Sweets: How to Enjoy

Due to my gastritis, I miss sweets and desserts the most. For me, desserts are comfort foods. Not being allowed to eat what comforts me can be pretty tricky and frustrating at times.

I think the tastier the desserts, the worse they are for the stomach. The big ones for me are no chocolate, ice cream, or refined sugar. These three categories are my favorite desserts to eat. Who doesn’t like these sweets?

Chocolate and ice cream are self-explanatory but refined sugar can be challenging to define and look for in foods. Refined sugar comes with many different names. The one you are most familiar with is high fructose corn syrup.

You may also recognize it in your kitchen as white sugar. While refined sugar comes from natural sources, it has become so processed that refined sugar is no longer healthy.

Sweets we can have

Just because there is a long list of what people with gastritis can’t have, doesn’t mean that you can never have sweets again. There are options for when your sweet tooth starts talking.

Some chocolate alternatives include white chocolate and carob. Now, they still contain refined sugar, but the real problem with chocolate is cocoa. Cocoa relaxes the sphincter between the esophagus and stomach, making heartburn more likely to occur.

We can enjoy other sweets can be enjoyed, but they should be in moderation. These sweets include certain flavors of low-fat frozen yogurt and angel food cake with dairy-free whipped cream, and I indulge in a small cake on rare occasions.

Sweets can be enjoyed, but remember that small portions and moderation are vital to keeping your stomach happy. Like everything else, try things every few days to see how you react.

Remember, I am discussing what works for me, and I am working with a doctor for my gastritis. If you have questions, ask your doctor. Here is a list of foods I can and can’t have.

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