Snacks: The In-between Meals

Snacks are an essential part of the gastritis diet. We should eat many smaller meals throughout the day. This means snacks can always be on the mind.
I enjoy snacks, but I have found that most of my top choices are on the list of food I can’t have. This requires me to get creative. I used to enjoy snacks that contained refined sugar. Yes, I am talking about candy. But now my stomach is not happy with this.

Another food that I enjoy is chips. They are salty and fill a need at times. The only problem is that they are fried and oily. This means they are a huge no-go when it comes to gastritis.

Of course, snacks that contain caffeine and dairy are out of the question. This means cheese, a lot of energy bars, and yogurt. Energy bars tend to have amounts of caffeine, but the honest answer is that I always try to read the label.
Some snacks are okay for us to have. The good news, chips can still be enjoyed.

Good Snacks

You have to choose the correct kind of chips. Some companies make oven-baked chips. Another salty snack can be pretzels. These chips tend to satisfy my need for salt.

A few other safe options include okay fruits and vegetables for you to have. These are healthy and tasty snacks that won’t upset your stomach. Edamame is an excellent choice. It contains protein as well as fiber.

Whatever you choose to have as your snack, select with the knowledge of what upsets your stomach.

Remember, I am writing about my own experience. These foods work for me. Please consult your doctor about what food you can and can’t eat. Here is my list of good and bad foods that my doctor gave me. Consult your doctor about your needs.

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