Drink Something, Not Water

Finding a drink can be tricky with gastritis. The list of things we can’t have is long. Almost all my go-to drinks are on this list.

Juice is not okay; no alcohol, caffeine, or carbonation. Juice is mainly made from acidic fruits that we can’t have. I am not upset about the no carbonation because it upsets my stomach anyway.

Sometimes I feel like the only thing I can safely have is water. But the reality is that water is not a “fun” drink. Water is healthy, but it is not something people usually have during a celebration.

Drink Alternatives

I used to be a big tea drinker. I had tea in the morning and the evening. It turns out most of my teas contain caffeine. That means I am not able to drink them.

There are plenty of teas that have no caffeine. Teas are okay, but it is essential to be careful about what kind of teas to drink. I know peppermint tea is not suitable for gastritis.

Alcohol is another beverage that I am not completely upset about not being able to drink it. I have never been much of a fan of alcohol. I will admit that on special occasions, I do have a few small sips of alcohol. But for some, I can see how alcohol would be challenging to avoid.

When you are in the significant healing phase of gastritis, I would suggest not straying from okay drinks. Once you have spent a month or so feeling good, you can begin to experiment with what drinks you can tolerate.

Remember, I am writing about my own experience. These foods work for me. Please consult your doctor about what food you can and can’t eat. Here is my list of good and bad foods my doctor gave me. Consult your doctor about your needs.

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