Parties: How to Enjoy Them

We all get invited to parties. Like restaurants, we can’t control what goes into the food around us. There are some ways to enjoy yourself still.

One way to know that there will be something for you to eat is by offering to bring a side or appetizer. This way, you can decide what to bring and know there will be something that you can eat.

I know you want something you can eat, but respecting the host’s request is essential. If the host asks you to bring a side, the one thing I will caution you is to make sure it is just a side dish. Same thing if they ask you to bring an appetizer.

What to do Before the Party

Before choosing what to eat, look at all your options. Sometimes there are multiple options, and knowing what to choose is always a good idea.

In my circle, there is always at least one main dish that I can eat, whether it be chicken, fish, or vegetarian. If there aren’t any main dishes that you can safely eat, focus on the side dishes.

Salad is an easy thing to modify to your own needs. I can always rely on salad. Just because there are things in it that I can’t eat doesn’t mean that I can’t have them.

It can be awkward to be picking out things you can’t eat. I would just put it on my plate and quietly pick around the parts I need to avoid.

What sides and appetizers are at the party would depend on what kind of party you attend. I usually arrive at the party with a solid idea of what I can and can’t eat. I try not to stress about food at parties too much, so I want to enjoy the party.

Remember, I am writing about my own experience. These foods work for me. Please consult your doctor about what food you can and can’t eat. Here is my list of good and bad foods my doctor gave me. Consult your doctor about your needs.

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