Dinner Ideas: How to End Strong

Dinner has always been my favorite meal. I love the variety, creativity, and how delicious it can be. There are endless options for what can be dinner. With gastritis, the options become significantly limited. That isn’t very pleasant. But there are still options and ways to make them exciting and delicious.

Dinner Options

My main weakness when it comes to dinner is pasta. I love pasta, but if I overeat, my stomach hurts. To avoid overeating, I roast vegetables and mix them with pasta. It is delicious, and you can use any vegetables around the house.

Another go-to dinner is chicken. There are many different things you can do to chicken. You can marinate it in a sauce that is safe for your stomach or cut the chicken up and put it on a salad.

Seafood is a good option. I love salmon. You can grill salmon or marinate it like chicken. There are times when I add lemon juice to the raw salmon. I have found that as the salmon bakes, the acid calms down, and I get the flavor without the pain.

Sometimes a big salad is excellent for dinner. Add vegetables that sit well with your stomach. To make yourself feel full, you can add smoked salmon on top. For the dressing, I keep it very simple, but it is a matter of finding what is okay for your stomach.

My final suggestion for what to have for dinner is spring rolls. Spring rolls are another dish where you can add protein; we usually do tofu or shrimp. We also add any vegetables we have—usually cucumbers and carrots.

Dinner doesn’t have to be tedious or painful with gastritis. There are many options; just be creative.

Remember, I am writing about my own experience. These foods work for me. Please consult your doctor about what food you can and can’t eat. Here is my list of good and bad foods my doctor gave me. Consult your doctor about your needs.

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