Lunch Ideas: How to Keep Energy

Lunch keeps us going and gives us the energy to finish the day strong. While the gastritis diet is restricted, there are still plenty of options on what to eat for lunch.

Today I am going to share some of my go-to lunches. These meals I have found work for me and do not exacerbate my symptoms, but this may not be the case for you. Use my list as a guideline or to give ideas to make lunches work.

For my mid-day meal, I try to eat a smaller meal because I eat a snack between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. Lunch is when I eat protein as well as some vegetables.

Lunch Options

My first option is fat-free plain refried beans with some cheese. Some canned refried beans come with tomatoes or chili peppers, but the ones I eat are plain. I add a little bit of cheese to add some variety in flavor. These are full of protein. On the side, I will choose to have a vegetable around the house to add some good fiber.

Another easy and quick option is a tortilla with peanut butter and banana. Now, this meal can also be breakfast, but it is a fast lunch option. Depending on my hunger, I may add a vegetable on the side or leave it as a tortilla.

My last main go-to lunch option is leftovers from my dinner last night. As long as the dinner sat on my stomach well, there is no reason not to have leftovers for a mid-day meal.

It can be difficult not to get bored with the food we eat for meals. I welcome any and all of your lunch suggestions.

Remember, I am writing about my own experience. These foods work for me. Please consult your doctor about what food you can and can’t eat. Here is my list of good and bad foods that my doctor gave me. Consult your doctor about your needs.

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