Breakfast Ideas: A Safe Way to Start the Day

Breakfast is a tough time for me. I have been working on finding new exciting food to have for breakfast. I am the type of person who finds one thing to eat and will eat it days in a row.

My main go-to is oatmeal with a bit of honey and a banana. This can hold me and keep my energy up for the entire morning.

Another breakfast I often eat is scrambled eggs with spinach and a piece of toast with butter. I put whatever vegetables we have in the fridge in the eggs. This is a way of keeping this dish interesting every time I eat it.

I will also have toast with peanut butter and bananas at the time. Bananas are low in acid, and I prefer them when they are greener—some like them when they are riper. I have read that an unripe banana has prebiotics and can promote good digestion.

Remember that my breakfast ideas include peanut butter and honey, which may bother your gastritis. I have found that they are okay for me.
Other breakfast ideas can include variations of how eggs are cooked and what to put on your oatmeal.

Breakfast Variations

Some egg variations can include putting it in a burrito, be mindful of what you add to it, or hard boil a batch. This would make an excellent grab-and-go breakfast.

The breakfast item I tend to avoid altogether is cereal and milk. Most cereals are highly processed with a lot of added sugar. Added sugar is not suitable for you on many accounts, but it makes my stomach feel terrible. I also get hungry faster when I have cereal in the morning.
What are some of your go-to breakfasts?

Remember, I am discussing what works for me and working with a doctor for my gastritis. If you have questions, ask your doctor.

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