Nausea: My Secret to Beating It

After researching gastritis, two common symptoms people suffer from are loss of appetite or feeling nauseous. These symptoms can result in uncontrollable weight loss.

No one wants to eat when they feel they will vomit. I have been nauseous throughout my time with gastritis. It is probably my least favorite symptom.

While I have not had a problem with uncontrollable weight loss, I have been able to curb my nausea recently, but there are times when it creeps up.

Most of the time, it comes on suddenly. There is no rhyme or reason that I have been able to identify. The best I can come up with is that it has been too long since I ate.

I don’t seem to feel the typical hunger cues; I feel fine, and then I suddenly feel like vomiting. I don’t have a medical reason for this, and I have yet to bring it up to my doctor.

My Solution to Nausea

I have kept my nausea at bay by eating a snack mid-way between meals. The snack isn’t huge for me, maybe a slice of watermelon or peanut butter on a piece of toast.

A snack between meals allows my stomach to not empty and get overwhelmed with acid. Ever since I began doing this, I have not felt nauseous in between meals.

I do feel nauseous at times after I am finished eating. While I have tried to track when this happens, I have found that I become nauseated when I overeat.

I believe that overeating means my stomach is too full, and I probably need to work too hard to digest everything. I should know better.
Small, more frequent meals are vital for healing gastritis while managing symptoms.

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Disclaimer: I am working closely with my doctor on what works for me and how I can heal. I am writing this blog to offer my suggestions and share what has been successful for me. Please, follow what your doctor is suggesting. This is my experience. Everyone is different, and different things will work for you.

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