My Diet

I have still not regained my enjoyment of food, but I am working on it. This diet is restrictive, and a lot of what I used to eat is now off-limits.

Diet Off-Limits

One of the significant adjustments that I have had to make is fruit. I love fruit, and now I can only eat melons and bananas. I enjoy both of these fruits, but there are so many others that I would love to eat.

I have had to find other forms of fiber to keep myself healthy since fruit was my significant source of fiber. Another food that I struggle with not being able to eat is tomatoes.

My family has a garden, and one of my favorite things is to eat right off the plant in the summer. I am also Italian, so pasta with sauce is always my go-to meal.

Like everyone who cooks stir fries, I used to add onions and garlic into the mix to get great flavor, and now I cannot do that. It turns out I add onions and garlic to my food.

I have never been a big meat lover. I even went vegetarian for a while. I do miss a good hamburger every once in a while.

Only being allowed to eat turkey, fish and chicken can become repetitive and boring. But there are different ways to make them enjoyable to eat. I am still trying to figure these out.


Carbonated drinks, like soda or bubbly water, are on my do not eat list. My doctor said that carbonation could mess with the ability of the sphincter between the esophagus and the stomach to function correctly.

I have never been much of a coffee drinker. So when My doctor told me no caffeine, I was not very upset. I drink tea from time to time, so I have to buy decaffeinated tea.

The final off-limit food that I do cheat on sometimes is chocolate. There are times when I have an intense craving and need to indulge. I have found that a little bit of chocolate won’t hurt me.

I stayed very strict with this diet for a solid month until my symptoms calmed down. I am still sticking to my diet, but I do indulge in chocolate from time to time.

Disclaimer: I am under direction and consultation thru my doctor. You need to make sure you listen to what your doctor suggests, but we can all talk about what works for us as individuals. Everyone is different, and your doctor will know what is best for you.

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